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the fur of an otter

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freshwater carnivorous mammal having webbed and clawed feet and dark brown fur

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My boat turned over and so I was in the water with a paddle, just trying to beat the otter of her back.
This is the sixth otter we have had in so far this year - unprecedented for otter admissions.
Now, with steadily rebounding numbers of otters chowing down on all this tasty and valuable seafood, there is ramped-up conflict over wildlife management and fishing regulations.
The otters are currently engaged in outdoor activities to prepare them for life in the wild such as swimming and catching fish.
She said: "At the time that the otter lived, the area where its remains were found included a swamp or a shallow lake surrounded by evergreen forest or dense woodland.
The lower mainland count this year could be due to poorer counting conditions and very sparse kelp canopies, which likely influenced sea otter distribution, says Dr.
It has come to my observation that our otter family are generally curious creatures," said Dr Waleed Shabaan, zoo manager of Emirates Park Zoo and Resort.
Otter Pops Beach Breakers is a fresh take on the iconic Otter Pop, featuring a new, smooth sorbet texture in our original six flavors that are paired with classic characters," says Kyle Harrington, Otter Pops senior brand manager.
Through translocation, the Service hoped to establish a self-sustaining southern sea otter population at a location within their historic range, but well away from the central coast population to lessen the risk to the species should a natural or man-made catastrophe decimate the central coast population.
by Times News Service Scientific evidence suggests that otters have been on earth for the past 30 million years.
The North American River Otter (Lontra canadensis; hereafter River Otter), is a keystone carnivore and a sentinel for environmental contamination (Ben-David and others 1998; Bowyer and others 2003; Gaydos and others 2007; Salman 2007; Ben-David and Golden 2009; Carpenter and others 2014).
Carcass tags were issued to licensed trappers requiring information on the geographic location of each river otter carcass collected.
They also told the news agency that a few private equity groups had indicated interest in buying Otter but there are no guarantees a deal would materialise.
Spraints act as territorial and social markers and can often be found along the smallest of hill burns, for the otter will venture far and wide in its quest for food and even a tiny stream will hold a few small trout.
The largest is the sea otter, weighing up to 100 pounds; the smallest is the Asian short-clawed otter, weighing less than 10 pounds.
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