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the branch of medicine concerned with the ear

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Dr Alamadi said that the third edition of Dubai Otology Conference & Exhibition scheduled to be held in October will include treatment of ear inflammation of infants in the UAE.
Otology is a medical science related to the health of the ears.
When cerumen builds to the point of causing symptoms such as pain, ringing, itching, or hearing problems, it's a sign you should see a physician," explains Roland, who also serves as chief of Pediatric Otology at the Children's Medical Center, Dallas.
Initially, the new system will cover dermatology and otology specialists in Tokyo's 23 wards and Yokohama as well as dispensing pharmacies in Yokohama.
In a study in the October 2001 Annals of Otology, Rhinology, and Laryngology, Free's team reported that a probiotic strain of streptococci reduced bacterial growth on one prosthesis model by 53 percent and yeast growth by 33 percent.
Roland, professor and chairman of otolaryngology at the University of Texas, Dallas, and chief of pediatric otology at Children's Medical Center.
The field of otolaryngology, as it developed during the 19th and 20th centuries, comprised 3 subfields: otology, rhinology, and laryngology.
Prefilled syringes are mainly used for the storage and packaging of high-end drugs and directly used in ophthalmology, otology, orthopedics and other surgical flushing.
Running alongside the exhibition, the event features a three-day conference addressing major issues in rhinology, head & neck surgery, otology, audiology & speech therapy, rhinoplasty as well as endoscopic ear surgery and thyroid Cancer.
More than 950 specialised physicians from around the world are set to take part in a rhinology and otology conference in Dubai starting tomorrow (January 15).
There are 30 chapters divided into three sections: otology and lateral skull base; rhinology and anterior skull base; and complications of head and neck surgery.
It was an umbrella event that hosted the 10th GCC otorhinolaryngology (head and neck surgery), 3rd Emirates Rhinology (nasal health), and 2nd Arab Otology (ear related) and Audiology (hearing) Conferences.
Otology, neurotology, and skull-base surgery; an illustrated handbook.
Otology is the branch of medicine concerned with what?