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  • adj

Synonyms for otiose

lacking value, use, or substance

Synonyms for otiose

serving no useful purpose

producing no result or effect

disinclined to work or exertion

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But now, once again, if we can ascertain work-meaning independently of artistic intentions, then these intentions are surplus or otiose and not needed to know work-meaning.
The National Native Title Tribunal also merits particular criticism from Ritter, in that it is not a tribunal at all, and its primary function of mediation is either otiose, poorly conducted or has as its primary function the maintaining of the NNTT as a discrete party to the process.
which, where an otiose mark intended for a different letter (probably the final <h>) can be seen.
Were it so, one may ask, where was the need for Article 239 which on this view with its various clauses will be rendered otiose.
Michon is a very canny and subtle writer; it is thus reasonable to assume that the multiple ironies which circulate in this novel are not merely otiose, but are intended to signify in some manner.
And now he learns further that poetry, far from being an otiose and abstruse intellectual pursuit, can have real, practical significance in the world of the actual:
But those requirements are otiose, because the licensor has no need for
Therefore, using "[sic]" at every turn to point out old sexist phrases is at best an otiose exercise, at worst a historically irresponsible example of mean-spiritedness.
While in Greek skhole indicated "a place for otiose discussion," the Proto-Indo-European base segh (also appearing in "scheme") meant "hold in one's power.
For many visitors the impact of the grand and otiose will take away from the sheer minute detail and skill of many of the artefacts in this show that includes ceramics, metalwork and textiles, all of them combining to bring to life a world before the collapse of so many Western ideologies in the years of Revolution, on both sides of the Atlantic and of the Tordesillas Line.
In situating a new poetic idiom anchored in "wise passiveness" within a society aggressively reshaped by an instrumental, productive, and utilitarian paradigm of rationality, Wordsworth "gave birth to modern poetry, not by his realism alone or by his class-conscious experiment with language, but principally by a struggle with inactive, otiose, trivialized representations of the sublime" (34).
AS BARACK OBAMA prepares to take the inaugural oath, it almost seems otiose to note that his victory represents a sweeping repudiation of the neoconservative movement.
It is merely otiose to float anew names such as Eva Hesse, Lynda Benglis, or Francesco Clemente.
Naturalists are supposed to be making the mind safe for science, so analyses that do not cohere with the sciences are otiose, whatever their naturalistic bona fides.
Chambers points out, however, that such diversion can be highly motivated in character, rather than merely otiose, the effect of sleight-of-hand deployed in a textual shell game.