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(of securities) not traded on a stock exchange

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Our study lets you assess OTC (over-the-counter) pharmaceuticals: medicines sold without prescriptions.
The List of Marginable OTC Stocks is published by the Board for the information of lenders and the general public.
1 OTC Internal Analgesic Active Ingredients, 2013 Table 2.
Table 6 OTC Healthcare Company Shares by Retail Value 2001-2005
Key Market Questions Answered by The World OTC Medicine Market Report 2013:
Table 10 Boots Plc Shares of OTC Healthcare by Subsector 2001-2004
We see a great fit between 360 OTC and the World of Outlaws," said Michelle Shearer, CEO of Rockford-Montgomery Labs, Inc.
With the large number of OTC equity derivatives products that currently exist and continue to emerge across the globe, automating this dynamic and complex market is increasingly important," said Gina Ghent, vice president, DTCC business development.
Table 10 Forecast Sales of OTC Healthcare by Sector: Value 2005-2010
3 million per month) from the Ohio Department of Transportation to the OTC over the 18-month period, ending June 30, 2006.
This report delivers a comprehensive overview of Poland's OTC pharmaceuticals market, including historic data for 2002-2005 and a two-year market outlook.
The OTC members of ITSA have been, and continue to be, available at any time to talk with the City Attorney and City Council and would prefer to focus their attention on promoting tourism in San Antonio, rather than on senselessly fighting with the City in court on a tax that is not owed.
Although the default status of medicines in the United States is nonprescription, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has traditionally been very cautious in regard to Rx-to- OTC switching (i.