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Synonyms for otalgia

an ache localized in the middle or inner ear


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y/sex Otalgia 1 Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia 10/M No coli, Proteus spp.
Seventeen days after discharge, the patient woke up with right-sided aural fullness, tinnitus, otalgia, a muffled sensation, and vertigo, which she attributed to her BPPV.
Common presentation of Bezold abscess are fever, otalgia, otorrhea, and cervical swelling, all of which were present in our case.
1,6] Other complaints were otalgia, otorrhoea, tinnitus and hearing loss.
A styloid process greater than 30mm is considered to be elongated, leading to symptoms like sore throat, dysphagia, otalgia, sensation of foreign body in the throat, hoarseness of voice, pain on rotating head sideways, feeling of stretching in the neck on looking upwards facial pain radiating to the ear or along the mandible and neck.
Destes, 30,1% dos trabalhadores referem desconforto a sons de forte intensidade; 24% sentem zumbido; 22,9% se queixam de plenitude auricular; 21,6% relatam diminuicao auditiva e 13,2% referem otalgia apos exposicao ao ruido em forte intensidade e alguns mencionaram mais de uma queixa (Tabela 4).
Keywords: Otalgia Multislice CT Calcified stylohyoid ligament.
The infection is usually unilateral and characterized by inflammatory pruritis scaling and otalgia.
About one-quarter of children seen in our practice with a chief complaint of "earache" receive the diagnosis of otalgia, often confirmed by SGAR, and do not receive an antibiotic.
El formato se dividio en tres partes: primera, registro de los antecedentes de los tipos de dolor (como el dolor regional orofacial y tensional de la cabeza), cansancio o debilidad muscular orofacial, ruidos en la ATM en apertura o cierre y la presencia o no de otalgia primaria de origen otologico.
La presentacion mas usual son sintomas de otalgia e hipoacusia, que suele ser conductiva.
Associated symptoms included bilateral otalgia, stridor, and dysphagia.
The common presentation of CC is hearing loss, transient otorrhea, otalgia and ear fullness [3].
These symptoms include tinnitus, ear fullness, otalgia, otorrhoea, vertigo and many others.