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Synonyms for ostracism

Synonyms for ostracism

enforced removal from one's native country by official decree

Synonyms for ostracism

the state of being banished or ostracized (excluded from society by general consent)

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the act of excluding someone from society by general consent

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This self-imposed exile reflects Watkins's professional ostracism, which began in 1966 when the BBC banned The War Game, his vision of nuclear warfare.
SIR - Lowri Turner's essentialist assumption that sexuality is somehow 'fixed' (January 27) not only provides a shaky foundation for her arguments, but also leads to the ostracism of those who haven't managed to 'work out which gender they fancy' by both the straight and gay communities.
Adopting another faith can also bring ostracism and social isolation, especially in rural areas.
And so I would like to salute the men and women who brave ostracism, alienation and a life lived on the margins to become who they really are.
Despite poverty and social ostracism, she put eight of her children through college.
The oligarchy calls us un-American, however, and threatens with ostracism, the penitentiary, or worse, those who hold and express such dangerous thoughts.
In the community I live, shunning and ostracism is the norm.
Being found out held the possibility of ostracism from family, loss of job, or even arrest.
Soldiers and chaplains who tried to force religion on their comrades thus often faced ostracism.
Neither label was desirable and almost certainly meant ostracism from all, and
Others have expressed fear that should they reject shariah courts, women would face ostracism from their communities.
In 1215, at the initiative of Pope Innocent III, the Fourth Lateran Council adopted a series of measures against the Jewish population of Europe, including trade boycotts, social ostracism, and the wearing of a distinctive badge that visibly branded Jews as a race of outcasts.
The latter, written by Piergiacomo Bucciarelli and subtitled 'From Ostracism to Rediscovery', is especially worthwhile: 'Brick', Bucciarelli observes, 'is not only a building material, but a way of looking at the world .
The games and life-skill sessions were constructed around everyday South African life, where the ostracism and stigma that often go with a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS are commonplace.
Scientists, artists, theologians, and philosophers who have gone against the grain of their times have almost always endured the wrath of their contemporaries, suffering ostracism and persecution.