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small abnormal bony outgrowth

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classic" sunray or sunburst appearance due to osteophytic bone production best demonstrated in occlusal radiograph and CT Scan.
Anteroposterior view of the X-ray scan showed joint space narrowing and coarse osteophytic formations predominately involving the medial compartment (Figure 1).
For example, Herzog et al (25) proposed the shortest distance between the most posteroinferior aspect (likely an osteophytic rim) of the superior vertebral body with the anterosuperior lamina of the inferior vertebral body (Figure 2).
Cervical facet joint Described a condition where pain/chronic inflammation players that had an inflamed (Orchard Code: (NJPX) and already degenerative cervical spine whereby poor architecture and osteophytic formation have a low threshold to mild trauma causing pain and joint hypomobility.
X-rays also help to differentiate between osteophytic and ligamentous structures, which is often difficult on MRI.
The medial border of the patella was hooked on the outer surface of the lateral femoral condyle under the prominent osteophytic ridge.
These differences could potentially cause the axial center of rotation to deviate from the midline or shift slightly to the anterior or posterior, depending on where the osteophytic bone regions limit axial rotation.