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a cell from which bone develops

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The team generated three mouse models by deleting Cbf-beta at various stages of the osteoblast lineage.
In line with previous observations, the decrease in collagen concentration may be due to negative influence of salt on osteoblast activity21 as excessive salt intake can inhibit the expression of osteogenesis genes which are required for osteoblast differentiation.
The potential for osteoblast/cementoblast differentiation was further confirmed by qRT-PCR analysis, showing an increased expression of a key osteoblast transcription factor, RUNX2, and two osteoblast-specific early/late differentiation transcripts (ALP and OCN, respectively) in osteogenically-induced cells compared to non-induced (Figure 3C).
It is also reported that fluid shear stress increased osteoblast NO synthesis, leading to activation of PKG II.
Previously reported in vitro studies have indicated that oxidative stress inhibits osteoblast differentiation (5) and induces osteoblastic insults and apoptosis.
Biomarker measurements from blood and MSCs showed a shift toward bone resorption and adipocyte formation at the expense of osteoblast formation for both lead exposure and a high-fat diet.
At a cellular level, nicotine or other chemicals from cigarette smoke reduce osteoblast activation and increase osteoclast activity, both directly and via inhibition of oestrogen and (in males) androgens.
examined the osteoblast differentiation in vitro assay for ent-kaurane diterpenoids ent-ll/S-acetoxykaur-16-en-18-ol (AK), ent-11[alpha]-hydroxy-18-acetoxykaur-16-ene (AKE-I), ent-14[beta]-hydroxy-18-acetoxykaur-16-ene (AKE-II), and ent-7[alpha]-hydroxy-18-acetoxykaur-16-ene (AKE-III) isolated from the leaves of Croton tonkinensis and found that they significantly increased alkaline phosphatase activity and osteoblastic gene promoter activity (Dao et al.
Osteogenesis is a strictly regulated developmental process, in which numerous hormones and growth factors activate osteoblast specific signaling proteins and transcription factors required for osteoblast differentiation.
In the bone system RANKL is expressed on osteoblast cell lineage and exerts its effect by binding the RANK receptor on osteoclast lineage cells.
13] investigated the effects of LLLT of different wavelengths (670 nm, 780 nm and 830 nm) on osteoblast and osteosarcoma (cancerous) cells.
However, some reports have indicated that BMP2, a critical autocrine and paracrine growth factor that directs osteoblast differentiation and bone formation, plays an important role in heterotopic ossification.
Besides the above physical factors, biological factors such as cell membrane receptor [26], growth factors [15, 17] and the binding of extracellular matrix proteins might facilitate the enhanced osteoblast attachment on the scaffold surface.
The proinflammatory cytokines are thought to cause an imbalance in bone metabolism, favoring bone resorption via the induction of the receptor activator of nuclear factor-[kappa]B ligand (RANKL) and macrophage colony-stimulating factor (M-CSF) in osteoblasts (12-14) and by blocking bone formation via inhibition of osteoblast differentiation (15-17).
Orneklerin histomorfometrik analizlerinde trabektiler kemik yuzey alani, medullar kemik capi, osteoblast yuzey alam, osteoid kemik yuzey alam ve mineralize kemik yuzey alanlari incelenmistir.