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He prayed as a Christian should do, with fitting reverence, and without the fear of ridicule or any ostentation of piety.
He carried his fat paunch with ostentation on his short legs, and during the time his gang infested the station spoke to no one but his nephew.
Do I not know that with all this ostentation of examining the grounds of the institution he will do no such thing?
This conflict began soon to produce very strong and visible effects: for he lost all his usual sprightliness and gaiety of temper, and became not only melancholy when alone, but dejected and absent in company; nay, if ever he put on a forced mirth, to comply with Mr Western's humour, the constraint appeared so plain, that he seemed to have been giving the strongest evidence of what he endeavoured to conceal by such ostentation.
He did it with great ostentation, glancing significantly at me the while.
Their ostentation is inexpressible; and, if they can, they love to keep multitudes of servants or slaves, which is to the last degree ridiculous, as well as their contempt of all the world but themselves.
His poetics is willing to include "buttermilk and urine" in the same line but eschews flourish and ostentation.
China has clamped down on ostentation, Hong Kong is in the throes of civil unrest, and formerly buoyant economies are slowing down.
Unfortunately, instead of practicing selfsacrifice and humility, the occasion these days is marked by ostentation by many.
Free from ostentation, Coco Mbassi's rendition is soothing, filled with emotions, and true to her soul.
a plump of cummerbunds a wedge of polystyrene an ostentation of aerosols
Besides ostentation, the information about places and routines helped the kidnappers.
In addition to the five core precepts of Buddhism -- to abstain from killing, stealing, gossip, alcohol and sexual impropriety -- faithful Buddhists adhere to three additional principles on Vesak: to eat at the proper times, avoid ostentation and eschew luxurious chairs and beds.
The design, by Patrice Morris, is appropriately gorgeous but without ostentation.
A tribute to Victorian ostentation, it's a very stately home, set in 150 acres of parkland and built for the Marquess of Londonderry, who reckoned that a proper lord needed somewhere big to show off.