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Other, somewhat longer and rather famous, proverbs, by which our perception of the humanist's political and social ideas is increased, are numbers 1,140, Ollas ostentare (To make a display of pots), 1,248, Homo bulla (Man is but a bubble), and, not least, 1,401, Spartam nactus es, hanc orna (Sparta is your portion, do your best for her), often quoted in humanist correspondence of the Renaissance and early Baroque.
montis Apulia notos / ostentare," 77-78), geographic peculiarities of villages and towns ("venit vilissima rerum / hic aqua, sed panis longe pulcherrimus" 88-89), a description of ill-equipped inns ("hospitio modico," 2; "villula tectum / proebuit," 45-46, "lachrimoso non sine fumo," 80) infested by bothersome insects and cacophonous frogs ("mali culices ranoeque palustres," 14), fights among drunk country bumpkins (11-13), and even the description of a local fatuous ("insanus") dandy whom Horace is happy to leave behind (34-36).
Qui tutto e moda, emulazione di spese, e curiosita, e tutti vogliono ostentare sapere [.
Occupando la posizione piu alta nella gerarchia sociale, Lodovico e il solo a non ostentare il suo potere perche e quello stesso potere che gli consente la liberta di trasgredirne i codici.