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This move is pre-rational in the sense that one cannot reason anyone into acknowledging it (other than ostensively, by pointing).
Later, Klein with similar amnesia proclaims that "In Wittgenstein's Tractatus, the world was made up of objects, corresponding to ostensively defined words .
The summit is ostensively being held to address the development of transport and energy systems on the continent.
Salazar and Antonio Ferro were putting at stake, ostensively and repressively, everything the Orpheu poet and writer of the 'Sensacionismo' manifestos had always believed in with regard to artistic freedom and independence of the intellectual elite.
Eben Venter's recent novel, Horrelpoot (2006), (1) sketches the return and attempted intervention of the white protagonist, Marlouw, from Australia to his ancestral farm in South Africa, ostensively to find his sister's son, Koert.
At the lowest level of abstraction, one can identify the right-holders ostensively ("him, and her, and him, and that one there and .
When language functions ostensively, what is suppressed from view, according to Wittgenstein, is the understanding of the language-game that enables such ostensive functioning.
The game of counting, for example, provides an easy way for a non-speaker of a language (such as a small child) to learn number words ostensively.
Nor, by definition, can what "means" means be explained ostensively.
Also, as Lees and Klima (1963) have noted, complex possessives such as "his own" are like anaphors in that they cannot be used ostensively while simplex possessives such as "his" are like personal pronouns in that they cannot.
Individualists argue that it is possible to refer ostensively to an individual (e.
Instead, we conceive of races as historical entities, like societies and social classes, that have to be identified ostensively by being tied to times and places.
His remedy for this condition of chaos and violence ostensively recoils from Augustine's resort to coercion.
The proper stopping point for regressive definitions are primitive facts that are defined ostensively, by pointing to examples of the thing being defined.
While competing producers are ostensively better known, based upon these and other taste test scores, the Aqua Vie product is favored for its 'drinkability' and good taste," said Gillespie.