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Synonyms for ostensive

appearing as such but not necessarily so

Synonyms for ostensive

manifestly demonstrative

represented or appearing as such


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Under the relevance-theoretic account, the human cognitive system aims at maximising relevance; therefore the interpretation of any ostensive stimulus is expected to demand the investment of the smallest possible cognitive effort to derive the greatest possible contextual effects (meanings) (Sperber & Wilson, 1986).
It will integrate the study of a) embodied cognitive mechanisms for interpersonal coordination, b) shared intentions and shared task representations, c) ostensive communication, d) natural pedagogy, and e) how all of the above provide the micro-mechanisms of cultural transmission.
Such conceptual ironies project an epistemic content that replaced the word's ostensive significance as verbal meaning elided into abstract form.
20) The value of the choral view lies not only in its recognition of the artificiality of any given ideological plot, but also, like the ostensive moment, in its capacity to expose "the underlying unfeelingness of the earth.
The emotive meaning applied by arts educators to the term is important because this unfavorable connotation of its meaning, as argued by Wittgenstein in his later work Philosophical Investigations, has come about through its use, its ostensive definition.
14) Subsequently, each presbyter became the principal celebrant of the eucharist of a particular church, although united to the bishop and his eucharist by ostensive symbols such as the ferm entum.
The ostensive goal was to encourage Indians to abandon longstanding strategies of communal subsistence and to adopt white patterns of individual entrepreneurship by becoming family farmers.
The pre-emergency situation and street protests that had claimed over a dozen lives prompted military to intervene the scene with ostensive international supports on January 11, 2007.
Hamas' political chariman Khaled Meshaal arrived in Gaza for the first time on Friday to celebrate Hamas' 25th anniversary and attend a rally to celebrate Hamas' ostensive victory over Israel during the recent eight-day outbreak of violence.
If life, in the biological sense, were the ultimate value, however, it is not clear how the ostensive would be of any more help than the non-ostensive.
Following Aristotle, "literature" is traditionally defined in terms of the genres of which it is composed and, although these are notoriously fluid, ostensive definition is possible: literature is a category made up of those genres that "students of literature" usually study--poems, plays, novels and their many generic subdivisions.
So-called 'misogyny' was not the driving force of 'androcentric' Greek philosophy; the ostensive driving force was the discovery of the productive consummatory experience in which women played a role.
He founded the Organization of African American Unity (OAAU), the ostensive U.
Bateson2, the response to the digital stimulus (yes or not) and the analogical response to the ostensive communications are never completely separable and they remain both the intrinsic factors for all of the living learning processes.
General semantics calls attention traditionally to a number of extensional language devices or strategies of language that focus attention on the extensional meaning: dating, indexing, operational definitions, ostensive definitions, quotes, hyphens, plurals, quantifying terms, and qualifying terms.