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a burial place or receptacle for human remains

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any receptacle for the burial of human bones

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Some of these bones were transferred either to an ossuary at Makedonitissa, or to Greece," the CING said.
The contract has as its object the supply of material for the cemetery and funeral service of the City of Monfalcone, divided into lots: lot 1 Coffins and zinc; Lot 2 urns, wooden crosses, ossuary boxes; Lot 3 padding for coffins: Lot 4 Accessories for coffins.
I think I've got really powerful, virtually unequivocal evidence that the James ossuary spent most of its lifetime, or death time, in the Talpiot Tomb," Shimron told the New York Times.
Reconstruction of demographic profiles from ossuary skeletal samples.
The 22 contributions are organized into sections on ossuaries and Jewish burial customs in Judea and Galilee; inscriptions and prosopography; methodologies for investigating DNA and patina evidence; the Talpiot tomb, a "Jesus family," and Mary Magdalene; the James ossuary (thought by some to contain the remains of Jesus's brother); and Talpiot, statistics, the holy sepulcher, and the Apostles.
They also give evidence that the missing ossuary is the famous James ossuary with the carved label: James son of Joseph, brother of Jesus.
In a small ossuary southeast of the city, men, women, and children were interred in a small pit.
The modest limestone burial box, known as an ossuary, is typical of first-century Jerusalem, and is owned by Oded Golan, an Israeli antiquities collector.
The Kleinburg Ossuary was located on the Glassco Property, which is now part of a conservation sector and protected as a natural archaeological heritage site.
That leads into a balanced discussion of crucifixion, the burial of Jesus in the Gospel accounts, and the association of the Talpiyot tomb and the "James ossuary.
Our last halt for the day was the Sedlec Ossuary located in the suburbs of Kutna Hora.
Her burlap-wrapped shapes, resembling relics in an ossuary or mummified remains, emanate a spooky message to the modern masses.
Of the almost 40,000 French soldiers buried here, about 20,000 are unidentified, and the ossuary also preserves the ashes of French citizens who died in Nazi concentration camps.