osseous tissue

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the porous calcified substance from which bones are made


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3 micron dental laser for hard and soft tissue, has also been cleared to perform osseous tissue procedures, the company said.
Myofibroblastic and fibrohistiocytic tumors, pleomorphic sarcoma, liposarcoma, leiomyosarcoma, rhabdomyomas and rhabdomyosarcomas, vascular tumors, tumors of synovial tissue, nerves, melanocytes, cartilage and osseous tissue, and other miscellaneous tumor types are covered, with most systemic categories divided into chapters on benign, intermediate, and malignant tumors.
Torus palatinus is a benign, reactive hyperplasia of osseous tissue extending outward from the surface of the bone.
Orthopedist Herald Frost, recognised that surgical wounding of osseous tissue results in striking reorganising activity adjacent to the site of injury (in osseous/ soft tissue surgery).
Radiographic diagnosis is based on the overgrowth of these fibroadipose and osseous tissue elements, with inherently normal muscularity, ligaments, and tendons.
It was noted coating of the cage internal autobone with osseous tissue from adjacent vertebra with formation of the bone-metallic block.
Since both osteoid osteoma and sacroliitis response well to antiinflammatory therapy, radiological investigations, such as computed tomography (CT), have a significant role in diagnosis due to its superiority in visualizing the osseous tissue.
The aim of this work was to demonstrate the effect of TTMo on the histology of osseous tissue from large bones in this experimental model to gather information regarding bone fragility of ruminants with molybdenosis.
Out of presented metallic materials, the titanium and its alloys are considered to be the most biocompatible, with the best corrosion resistance in human body and with the most powerful relation between the implant and the surrounding osseous tissue.
Fibrous dysplasia is an idiopathic disorder in which medullary bone is replaced with fibrous and osseous tissue.