osmotic pressure

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(physical chemistry) the pressure exerted by a solution necessary to prevent osmosis into that solution when it is separated from the pure solvent by a semipermeable membrane

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In terms of the characteristics of L-proline, osmotic pressure increased along with the concentration of L-proline, whereas pH was not related to the L-proline concentration [Figure 2].
Experimental Design: In experiment-I, optimal osmotic pressure for buffalo bull semen out of TCAE different osmotic pressures (260, 270, 280, 290 and 300 mOsm/kg) was selected by evaluating post thawed spermatozoa quality parameters.
The discussion then focuses on what happens with the osmotic pressure and the cell response.
Then, competition of the two opposite processes appears: on the one hand, due to the osmotic pressure between hydrogel and the external solution, the solution enters gradually.
The extent of swelling of the elastomeric matrix is derived from the balance between the stretchability of the polymer network and the osmotic pressure effects of the counter ions.
In conditions of increased osmotic pressure rhizopodium's length reduced to 0.
Its PRO process involves pumping seawater at 60-85% of the osmotic pressure against one side of a semi-permeable membrane that lets water through but not salt.
Differences in osmolality create osmotic pressure and generate the net movement of water into or out of a body compartment.
Stressed variant: salinity stress, plants were watered with 100 ml of NaCl solutions (50 mM, 100 mM and 200 mM) and drought stress simulated by irrigations with 100 ml of PEG 6000 solutions, which generated an osmotic pressure of -0.
In marine invertebrates, betaine balances the osmotic pressure of the blood with that of the surrounding sea water (Baldwin, 1964).
They showed that the cascade of events culminating in the condensation of the reflectins causes the osmotic pressure inside the lamellae to change drastically due to the expulsion of water, which shrinks and dehydrates the lamellae and reduces their thickness and spacing.
Thermal waters are classified according to parameters such as temperature, osmotic pressure, radioactivity, chemical composition and mineralisation, being the latter two considered of greater importance [5].
We can't have a watery layer separating sticky mucus from our cells because there is an osmotic pressure in the mucus that causes it to expand in water," Rubinstein says.
The parasitic pathogens are particularly useful for study given that they are experts, essentially, at adapting to the changes in temperature, osmotic pressure, and pH that the environment or the host's defenses put forward.
A reduction in transcapillary osmotic pressure between different upper extremities has been reported to result in edema in one extremity only in patients with nephrotic syndrome (4).