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a hard brittle blue-grey or blue-black metallic element that is one of the platinum metals

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We are acquiring Osmic because of their outstanding history of product innovation, customer service and success in their current markets," said Hikaru Shimura, President and CEO of Rigaku International Corp.
These new capabilities position Osmic to develop new products servicing existing and new markets.
Initial collaboration will be between INTAP's OSMIC Project and DMTF's WBEM Interoperability Working Group.
George Gutman, principal investigator and Chief Technical Officer of Osmic.
Initially, Rohwedder will design and manufacture a prototype Vacuum Deposition System for producing DUV Phase Shift Masks while Osmic will develop the coating process.
Furthermore, Osmic has the unique capability to engineer materials on the atomic scale and to produce nonequalibrium materials using high quench rate processes.
Carosella joined JMAR in May of this year, after serving for three years as president of Michigan-based Osmic Inc.