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The suboscine members of the Order Passeriformes, unlike oscines, sing stereotypical songs with no evidence of the existence of song-learning (Kroodsma 1985, Kroodsma and Konishi 1991; however, see Saranathan et al.
The breeding biology of Neotropical oscines remains largely unknown (Martin et al.
Oscine Passeriformes, Psittaciformes, and Trochilidae learn their song, and dialects are exhibited in them (Kroodsma 2004, Price 2008).
One of the most frequently asked but unanswered questions among those who study birdsong is why vocal learning evolved among parrots, hummingbirds, and passerines but not other species groups, and within the passerines why in oscine songbirds but not in their sister group the suboscines (Baptista and Kroodsma 2001).
However, the vast majority of such research has dealt with the songs of oscine passerines (Passeriformes, suborder Passeri).
Associations of song properties with habitats for territorial oscine birds of eastern North America.
Still it seems unlikely that the study of vocal ontogeny will ever shift its interest away from birdsong, for individualized social learning of song through interaction with conspecifics occurs in nearly all the oscines of the world (ca.
Delaying plumage maturation until after the formative plumage is a strategy employed by a wide variety, albeit a minority, of temperate and tropical passerines, perhaps most famously among manakins (Pipridae) but also among a variety of other migratory suboscines and oscines (e.
Nesting behavioral data support a close relationship between Microbates and Ramphocaenus, but as noted by other authors (Kiff 1977, Oniki and Willis 1979), these data failed to clarify the relative position of the Gnatwrens within the oscines.