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the recording produced by an oscillograph

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Oscillograms of a 1 s period of signals recorded from beans infested with A) adults and B) larvae of Acanthoscelides obtectus.
The variation of the engine speed (red curve), engine load (white curve) and fuel cyclic injection quantity (yellow curve) oscillograms (Fig.
The oscillograms in Figure 2 show the remarkable difference in the first half of sinusoidal current during two different short circuit points (0 and 118 degrees) on the voltage wave.
1](A) for the specimens with the coatings were determined using the oscillograms of attenuating bending oscillations with a frequency of 130-140 Hz.
Under the supervision of Gerda Laugaste, he wrote his graduation thesis on the articulation and perception of Estonian word quantity, in which he presented acoustic data in a number of oscillograms.
As bending proceeded, cracking sounds were heard, while the oscillograms recorded many inaudible vibrations.
Signalyze software was used to obtain numerical information and to generate audiospectrograms and oscillograms.
Oscillograms of songs were produced on a Siemens Mingograph 34T after filtering (high-pass 1kHz, low-pass 5kHz, Kemo VBF/4).
3 shows the oscillograms of the current and voltage pulses on the load [R.
Measuring stand allows real-time displaying of the data coming from the microcontroller ADC system at a computer screen in the form of oscillograms and to start the process of recording information in time.
Examples of oscillograms (A and C) and spectrograms (B and D) of sounds recorded from an inoculated frond on day 7 in enclosed and exposed environments.
I have made the combustion oscillograms for marine heavy fuel RMF25 with its characteristics mentioned in table 1, at which the water emulsification included four determination tests for water--marine fuel emulsion in proportions of 5[%], 10[%], 15[%] and 20[%].
Here 56 oscillograms and data about duration of segments were published.
Oscillograms were drawn by a Hitachi 672 Graph Plotter (fig.