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having periodic vibrations


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By means of applying oscillatory shear field in injection molding process, Chen et al.
But even more significant, the new system theoretically proved that a connection existed between graph coloring and the natural dynamics of coupled oscillatory systems.
Currently, treatment schemes for improving ventilation of newborns with respiratory failure include high-frequency oscillatory ventilation, the supplement of pulmonary surfactant, nitric oxide (NO) inhalation, liquid ventilation and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.
It is the only controller tuning software that accurately models oscillatory and noisy process data.
The carotid artery specimens after low and oscillatory shear stress were pooled for RNA isolation with TriZol (Invitrogen) according to the manufacturer's instructions.
3] are modified using the trigonometrically fitting technique so that it would improve the accuracy of the method and suitable for solving oscillatory problems.
AEROSURE's mode of action is based on two well-established systems; these are inspiratory muscle training (IMT) effects and oscillatory positive expiratory pressure (OPEP).
Simulations of Oscillatory Systems: with Award-Winning Software, Physics of Oscillations" by Eugene I.
The fully flexible architecture of the RPA Elite enables advanced testing capabilities beyond any other rubber rheometer, according to the company, including complete post cure viscoelastic characterization, fully programmable sealing pressure, large amplitude oscillatory shear and arbitrary waveform deformations.
Here we compare the effects of hydrodynamics and gamete compatibility on fertilization in the green sea urchin Strongylocentrotus droebachiensis in unidirectional and oscillatory laboratory flows.
Oscillatory neural networks; in problems of parallel information processing.
Tokyo, Dec 17, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - Beginning with their discovery of spontaneous oscillatory contraction (SPOC) of muscle, Prof.
The oscillatory nature of the signal can be thought of in terms of "braking," in which positive and negative feedbacks interact to support reversals of the circulation regimes.
The loss modulus (G") and storage modulus (G') crossover as measured on an oscillatory rheometer has become useful for estimating melt strength.