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small shrubby deciduous yellowwood tree of south central United States having spines, glossy dark green leaves and an inedible fruit that resembles an orange

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The affection that I feel for the Osage orange is related to both its history and versatility.
Another tree not previously studied for biofuel usage is Osage orange (Maclura pomifera [Raf.
Turner, who had been experimenting with Osage Orange since 1839, published his findings in Prairie Farmer in 1848.
In my left hand I held a long-bow I'd carefully crafted from an Osage orange tree.
Pervious research indicates that the most effective natural plant-based repellents involve a mixture of essential oils, such as oil of lemon eucalyptus, citronella oil, geranial oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, neem oil, and a combination of catnip and Osage orange, combined in an oil base.
There are quite a few plants in the Americas that, like the Joshua tree, seem ill-adapted to seed dispersal because their fruit isn't designed for any living animal to disperse it efficiently: the Osage orange, the pawpaw, the avocado.
Seven other species, including black maple, hackberry, and Osage orange, had lower importance values (Table 6).
As part of a program to develop new wood preservatives at the Mississippi Forest Products Lab, scientists have been studying why certain woods, such as osage orange, are naturally durable.
He uses maples, oaks, cherries, and other fruit trees, as well as domestic exotics like sassafras and Osage orange, which have been rejected by loggers and tree-pruners.
This was the Osage orange (Maclura pomifera); the thorny cuttings he sent to Jefferson came from trees transplanted from an Osage Indian village 300 miles to the west.
Peterson, a graduate research assistant in the school's department of entomology, also tested osage orange, commonly known as hedgeapple.
Sun Dance: The piece functions as a sideboard table and is constructed of solid walnut, poplar, cherry and osage orange.
Americas contributed to Americulture, also, with chestnuts, wild rice, the Cherokees, the Osage Orange tree, Cowboys, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln .
On a happier note, this chapter also explains how to propagate an Osage orange fence from seeds--a challenge unless you know the trick for separating the seeds from the fruit, which are called hedge apples.
Black locust and osage orange, the latter frequently called hedge apple, are both abundant and just as vicious as our own local green-briar, multi-flora rose, hawthorn, barberry and blackberry.