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the branch of medical science concerned with disorders or deformities of the spine and joints

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As important, these papers will, in certain instances, introduce new concepts to, or in other cases, provide an update for orthopaedists who care for a wide range of orthopaedic conditions.
The sheer numbers of the wounded compelled orthopaedists to attempt bold new surgical techniques, resulting in amazing advances in treatment," notes William W.
A survey of 1,000 orthopaedists in Germany showed that sitting in a car can be a principal cause of back pain problems.
LINKOPING, Sweden -- In a new report from Sectra (STO:SECTB), 150 neurologists, neurosurgeons, urologists, orthopaedists, internists, and general surgeons, reveal what radiology needs to focus on in order to provide top-notch service to referring physicians.
Staff at our hospitals see many children with JRA, who need a number of services and the expertise of our pediatric orthopaedists, rheumatologists, orthotists and prosthetists, as well as many support services like physical and occupational therapy.