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the branch of medical science concerned with disorders or deformities of the spine and joints

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Made in Great Britain it is orthopaedically designed to maintain a correct sitting posture.
Montreal Canada), CS Whitman (Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, Elkin, NC, USA), JD Conway (Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, USA) *The indicated fresh fractures include fresh, closed, posteriorly displaced distal radius fractures and fresh, closed or Grade 1 open tibial diaphysis fractures in skeletally mature individuals when these fractures are orthopaedically managed by closed reduction and cast immobilization.
The ergonomics, impeccable tailoring and packaging and the seating - almost orthopaedically robust but beautiful - seating, soon put me in an upbeat mood.
Optional contoured seats come with their own heating system and are orthopaedically suitable for drivers who seize up on long journeys.
You climb in - there are no doors - and strap yourself into the orthopaedically designed seat using the full four-point race harness.
AS A delayed result of a bomb in Tobruk, I now have to get about with a calliper on a special boot that accommodates an orthopaedically altered foot.