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not pertinent to the matter under consideration

statistically unrelated

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having a set of mutually perpendicular axes


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Gautschi collects exercises and solutions from his textbook on orthogonal polynomials in MATLAB, edits them slightly to make them self-contained, and adds many new ones.
Comparing orthogonal and eccentric projections, only slight differences in cleanliness were found.
The orthogonal STBC (OSTBC) is that it exploits full power transmission for orthogonal codes so long as the transmitter diversity order is no more than two.
French geophysical company CGG has been awarded a contract by Mexican oil company Pemex to deliver an orthogonal wide-azimuth survey to improve subsalt seismic imaging in the Perdido deepwater area offshore Mexico.
2] column orthogonal matrices is written as [mathematical expression not reproducible].
With the combination of the orthogonal polynomial approximation and the K-L expansion, the sequential orthogonal decomposition is developed to discuss the response analysis of ground motion by Li [28, 29].
Ideally suited for vibration measurements across three orthogonal axes on aircraft engines or aerospace components
On the other hand, the voltage sag is still oversized, so we introduce the Muntz-Legendre type orthogonal filter to reduce it additionally, thus saving electricity.
Key words: Permutation polynomial, orthogonal systems, permutation polynomial vectors.
denote the sequence of polynomials of degree n, orthogonal with respect to the inner product
A sanitary napkin with a longitudinal axis defining a longitudinal orientation and longitudinally-oriented side edges, a transverse axis orthogonal to the said longitudinal axis, a thickness measured orthogonal to a plan defined by the said longitudinal axis and the said transverse axis.
8 pC/g, the 2228C is designed to provide high-reliability vibration measurements on three orthogonal axes with 10-32 receptacles to allow data collection from three separate output connections.
Recent trends in orthogonal polynomials and approximation theory; proceedings.
A first approach to the analysis of Caratheodory functions satisfying this type of differential equations and to the analysis of its corresponding sequences of orthogonal polynomials was done by Alfaro and Marcellan in [2].
n]) is discussed, and a structure of orthogonal matrices of SC matrices diagonalized is given.