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The afternoon session ended with the premiere of the campaign video and a workshop on how to increase ORT America's fundraising abilities.
The data presented in this article form part of a broader research agenda with the aim of developing a substantive theory to explain how clinicians apply clinical judgement in managing access to ORT programs.
Ort said: "Ozone is a secondary pollutant caused by the interaction of sunlight with pollution clouds produced in industrialized areas and carried over rural areas by wind.
The initial work of the committee included reviewing the current literature on ICU ORTs, establishing a structure that was workable with the resources available in the hospital, determining the criteria for calling the ICU ORT, and liaising with the switchboard to determine the most effective way to deploy the ORT call.
Ort says aid officers need to make sure advancement staffers "understand why fund authorities have to be written in a certain way so that administrative procedures work well and are not overly burdensome.
Kington "fell in love" with Brostaig Ort when riding out for trainer Roger Curtis, and says: "It doesn't get better than that, because we won all three categories at Hickstead - overall champion, best veteran and highest-placed racehorse to have raced.
A new vision for the ORT must be developed by determining key characteristics for success.
The home is an area where we saw an opportunity," said Barry Ort, executive vice president of TCJC, which manufactures Lane's jewelry as well as the new gift collection.
ORT aired scenes of a storage site for gas cylinders at a Japanese nursery school and a train station which Dmitry Sigachev, the Russian leader of the terrorist plot, allegedly had taken pictures of as candidate sites for terror attacks during his visits to Japan in the spring and summer of 2000.
Within two years, ORT had recovered nearly $190 million in criminal and civil actions, leading the DHHS to expand ORT.
The government owned 51 percent of ORT while Berezovsky reputedly had owned the rest.
Another acronym already well established at that point was ORT (Operation Restore Trust), which HCFA also identifies by another name: The Plan for Program Integrity.
The Swiss let me come in because the organization ORT was willing to pay for me to go to school and try to catch up on the education I missed during the war.
Early use of ORT can help reduce this expensive and traumatic treatment.