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perennial northern temperate plant with toothed leaves and heads of small purplish-white flowers

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For isolation and maintenance of fungi, anaerobic medium was prepared according to Orpin (1976) and maintenance anaerobic media contained wheat straw as the sole energy source.
123) Additionally, Justice DeMarco's ruling was successfully collaterally attacked by Monroe County District Attorney Michael Green on that same basis, and the foundation documents offered in Orpin were declared admissible as not in violation of Orpin's confrontation right.
Orpin was not licensed by the watchdog Financial Services Authority, so was breaking the law.
Mrs Marina Orpin, By Appointment Only, The Barn, High Lane, Stansted, Essex, CM24 8LQ
The complete sales team is Bob Rogers for the South West, Wales and Midlands, John Orpin for the South East of England, Bill Esdaile for the North of England and Jim Inglis for Scotland.
Jonathan Orpin, a home builder in Shortsville, New York, recovers scrap wood from old buildings as they are torn down, and then recycles the wood into material for new homes.
The launch of Clarity LIMS is timely, given the speed at which the sequencing market is moving into the clinical space," noted Tristan Orpin, Illumina's Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer and a member of GenoLogics' Board of Directors.
The addendum will be sent to all interested parties registered in ORPIN.
Participants with neurological conditions in an arts-based program showed similar benefits, improving their ability to concentrate and give attention to a task for extended periods of time (Symons, Clark, Williams, Hansen, & Orpin, 2011).
Orpin 0, Walden 3 3 11, Flynn 0 2 2, Reinhard 1 0 3, Barrett 7 0 17, Stripp 2 0 4, Howard 1 0 2, Benzinger 2 1 5.
These deals represent a further step in establishing Illumina as a leader in reproductive and genetic health solutions and as a valued partner for next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based testing across multiple clinical applications, noted Tristan Orpin, senior VP and general manager of Reproductive and Genetic Health.
CREW: N Cornish (4) A Liddle (3), B De Haas (3), C McKay (1), D Sheppard (4), J Kolsky (2), M Ivaneza (1), P Binstadt (2), R Shand (3), M Loneragan, J Orpin, G Loiterton
A specialist dairy health event on Anglesey Showground, Gwalchmai, Holyhead, tomorrow, February 9, will see industry experts Peter Orpin and Dick Sibley covering issues including the principles of infectious disease control, identification and diagnosis, testing and analysis, as well as the potential economic losses where BVD and Johne's disease are concerned.
Just 10 months ago Hannah Orpin, 21, had boiling fat thrown over her by a girl working at a burger van in a horrifying, unprovoked attack.