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a yellow mineral occurring in conjunction with realgar

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C: The gold semi-detailed exploratory of gold and orpiment in the east of Naein (Lito-geochemical exploration 1:5000) connection consulter of Madan Ara Company in 2003 performed this project in an area with 10 [km.
The preceding data and argument, together with the absence of imported arsenic-bearing ores such as realgar and orpiment at any of the Sican smelting sites we excavated or surveyed, question the earlier argument of externally derived sulfarsenide ores and smelting technology.
Orpiment was very common in yellow pigment in painted wall hangings throughout the 18th century and well into the 19th century too.
The name arsenic (As) is derived from the Greek word arsenikon, means yellow orpiment.
Gold-bearing liquids (12) are those that flow in the interior of hollows, caves, valleys, rockcuts, or covert excavations on mountains in recognized regions; liquids that have the color of roseapple, mango, palmyra nut, slice of ripe turmeric, jaggery, orpiment, red arsenic, honey, vermilion, white lotus, or feathers of a parrot or peacock; that have water and plants of the same color in the vicinity; and that are viscous, limpid, and heavy.
He used precious minerals as pigments--lapis lazuli, malachite--but also meteorite dust, and the highly poisonous orpiment (aka arsenic sulfide) and Schweinfurt green (or copper acetoarsenite, perhaps the only substance ever used as both a pigment and a rodenticide).
on the islands of Lemnos and Ceos and in Cappadocia, from where it is shipped via the town of Sinope) and both can be used in painting, the former replacing orpiment [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; there are three natural types of red ochre (ruddle)--a dark red, a light red and an intermediate one.
In 1998, during large-scale open pit gold mining at Twin Creeks, Newmont Gold Corporation geologists began seeing wonderful pockets of gemmy, bright orange orpiment crystals exposed in a portion of the "South Mega Pit" called "Cut 62.
4]), malachite (basic copper carbonate), orpiment (arsenic trisulfide), charcoal, and red madder (from the root of the plant Rubia tinctorum).
32 Which two chemical elements are found in the minerals orpiment and realgar?
Specialists known as vendecolori (color sellers), a profession unique to Venice, played a crucial role in stimulating color experiments by introducing many new pigments, such as the yellow orpiment and reddish-orange realgar that became the signature hues of Venetian painting.
Some of the common minerals in soils are arsenopyrite (FeAsS), mispickel (FeSAs), orpiment (As2S3) and realgar (AsS).
There were many others, from varieties of benzoin (the djaoui needed by popular cults in North African Islam) to galanga roots, Harmel seeds, orpiment (mineral) .
It included not only painters' pigments such as azurite, vermilion, and orpiment, but also raw materials used in a variety of crafts.