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a yellow mineral occurring in conjunction with realgar

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B: Exploratory design of gold and orpiment in the east of Qaen (geochemical of stream sediments, 1:20000) the connection consulter of Madan Ara Company in 2001 performed this project in an area about 80 [km.
An important European invention to get around the laborious Indian system involved adding an orpiment mixture to the indigo, which delayed precipitation long enough, by keeping the dye in its reduced state, for it to be painted or printed onto cloth.
The lacquer is naturally black and other colours are achieved by adding different substances, for example cinnabar for red and orpiment for yellow.
Several toxic pigments have been found in the wall hangings studied, including orpiment and emerald green, which contain arsenic.
Gold-bearing liquids (12) are those that flow in the interior of hollows, caves, valleys, rockcuts, or covert excavations on mountains in recognized regions; liquids that have the color of roseapple, mango, palmyra nut, slice of ripe turmeric, jaggery, orpiment, red arsenic, honey, vermilion, white lotus, or feathers of a parrot or peacock; that have water and plants of the same color in the vicinity; and that are viscous, limpid, and heavy.
He used precious minerals as pigments--lapis lazuli, malachite--but also meteorite dust, and the highly poisonous orpiment (aka arsenic sulfide) and Schweinfurt green (or copper acetoarsenite, perhaps the only substance ever used as both a pigment and a rodenticide).
4]), malachite (basic copper carbonate), orpiment (arsenic trisulfide), charcoal, and red madder (from the root of the plant Rubia tinctorum).