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Synonyms for orphanage

the condition of being a child without living parents


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a public institution for the care of orphans

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People walk in and see well dressed children and they think that such orphanage doesn't need the donations," she said.
As this branch of the orphanage is currently hosting 150 boys, its other branch hosts the same number of girls.
She was able to use the orphanage newsletter to read the poignant letters sent from the trenches.
The money helped build God's Will Orphanage in the village of Skinnerer.
In December 1975, police interviewed boys living at Mount Cashel Orphanage, operated in St.
People from surrounding localities were also trapped in the orphanage for many days before being rescued by local volunteers.
After several meetings with Chihuahua's child welfare and social services agency, the orphanage learned that miscommunication and a lack of checks and balances were to blame.
In June last year, an orphanage in Kozhikode run by a Muslim religious organization was under the scanner when a 17- year- old inmate was found abandoned by an Arab national two weeks after marrying her.
Maliha Ali Ahmed is an elderly women who has lived for 25 years in a small room in an orphanage on Taiz Street of the capital city, where she cares for the 613 orphans living there.
A group of Turkish businesswomen watched the foundation for an orphanage they funded being laid on Sunday in Burundi.
KNITTING group Mata Sundri Ji has knitted 30 sets of 30 woollen hats and scarves for a girl's orphanage in India.
Godec visited the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi and congratulated the trust's chairperson, Dr.
The 17-year old from Malappuram district has filed a complaint with the district child welfare committee -- juvenile justice in Kerala, India, saying the orphanage where she was living forced her to marry a UAE passport holder.
Thiruvananthpauram: The reported forced marriage of a minor Kerala girl, who was staying in an orphanage, to a visiting Arab has led to protests in the state, with the Democratic Youth Federation of India staging a siege of the social welfare office in Kozhikode.