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a chronic inflammation of the withers of a horse

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an abnormal passage leading from a suppurating cavity to the body surface


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22 The study of Hirata and his coworkers show that the rate of oroantral fistula is significantly higher in males with a male to female ratio of 1.
Combined palatal and buccal flaps in oroantral fistula repair.
Clinical evaluation revealed the presence of oroantral fistula of 10 X 6 [mm.
Surgical Technique: Under local anesthesia with vasoconstrictor, incision was made with two releasing incision and a circular incision around the oroantral fistula on buccal aspect.
Endoscopic endonasal approach should be the surgical choice unless oroantral fistula is present.
It is possible that a temporary oroantral fistula formed during the extraction of one or more of our patient's teeth, allowing for the deposit of a small amount of vegetable matter into the sinus.
8 patients, 7 patients were treated for maxillary tuberosity defects, 3 for retromolar area defects, 2 for oral submucous fibrosis and 5 for oroantral fistula.
Double layered closure technique was used in one case of oroantral fistula.
Indications of Caldwell-Luc in our study Number Percentage AC polyp 36 72 Dentigerous Cyst 3 6 Osteomyelitis 2 4 Oroantral Fistula 1 2 Foreign Body 1 2 Blow Out Fracture 1 2 Note: Table made from bar graph.
The Caldwell-Luc incision was closed, and attention was then directed to the residual oroantral fistula, which was excised and closed primarily.
The management of an established case of oroantral fistula can be challenging, especially in the presence of active sinusitis.
1) Causes include the escape of teeth and dental impression material through an oroantral fistula, penetrating trauma, and iatrogenic causes.
Oroantral communication (OAC) and subsequent formation of oroantral fistula is a common complication of dental extraction of maxillary molars.
The aim of this study was to evaluate and analyze the occurrence, characteristics and treatment outcome of oroantral fistula in 29 patients from Sept 2004 to Nov 2009.
Osteomas are bone-forming tumors, and their occurrence in the maxillary sinus following dental extraction and surgery for oroantral fistulas has been documented in the literature.