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The ROM itself, with its aura of grandeur, suggested to her the ornateness, sense of history, and the idea of protecting precious things.
This is the first time these particular works have been placed together in the UK and it could well be the last - their age and ornateness making safe transportation difficult.
Furthermore, it is extremely hard to imagine the play as Protestant in tendency, when the Protestant tendency was toward stylistic plainness, rather than Catholic baroque intricacy and ornateness, and toward condemnation of the drama as conducive to vice, rather than as curative and conducive to virtue.
and will make you stand back and gasp at the sheer ornateness of it all.
The exhibition gave an overall feeling of dynamic baroque movement, balance and ornateness in the work.
This was demonstrated through the ornateness of the roof, the chimneys, the cornices, the brickwork and tiling, columns, and other parts of the facade.
From an aesthetic standpoint, Brocade's colors, style and ornateness will convey a more feminine "Old World meets modern" appearance, Richardson added.
Contrasting with the ornateness or heavy bulk of the wooden elements, almost everything else, such as the plastered walls and cylindrical columns, is smooth and white giving a Mediterranean sharp-edged contrast between blinding light and deep shade.
In addition, in Persian and Mongol societies, head-coverings often reached great levels of ornateness, involving crowns and feathers.