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a fee charged to a borrower (especially for a mortgage loan) to cover the costs of initiating the loan

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While the proposed rule came out the day this column went to press, it is clear the CFPB has decided not to propose a flat origination fee.
For this purpose, OID can include capitalized interest and loan origination fees.
Exhibit I illustrates a portion of the comparison schedule between Case I, the financing alternative with the higher interest rate, but the lower points or loan [TABULAR DATA FOR EXHIBIT I OMITTED] origination fee, and Case II, the financing alternative with the lower interest rate, but the higher points or loan origination fees.
All new Discover Student Loans have zero origination fees, zero late payment charges and zero returned payment charges.
TruHome Solutions LLC has announced a 20 basis point discount off its mortgage origination fees for all loans funded in September and October.
34 percent with one-eighth of a point and no origination fee.
Interest Rate Reduction, Loan Limit Increases, Origination Fee Drop, and Higher Pell Grants Could Mean Significant Cost Savings to Many Families
This normally includes on origination fee, discount points, title insurance, survey, attorney's fee, end such prepaid items as taxes end insurance escrow payments.
The Golden State Bonus Benefits[TM] program waives or returns the 3% origination fee most lenders charge and provides additional savings in the form of rebates to California students, transfer students and educators.
The loan was arranged through a New York based thrift that waived its origination fee.
He went on to advocate a careful examination of origination fee elimination, student aid packaging, and needs analysis.
In response, Harari informed brokers that they would receive the entire loan origination fee for simply filling out one page of information online, submit supporting documents and completing several other tasks that are designated and tracked on GoLoan's Web site.
CFC will structure loans on monthly, six-month or one-year terms with an origination fee.
The compensation model also creates a continued revenue stream in the form of trailer fees, a one time origination fee and a renewal fee every time the customer renews with Cervus.
The company's model compensates the broker with a one time origination fee, a trailer fee for each year the mortgage remains with Cervus and a renewal fee upon renewal of the mortgage for another term.