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Synonyms for originate

Synonyms for originate

to bring into existence formally

to bring into currency, use, fashion, or practice

to come into being

to begin to appear or develop

to have as one's home or place of origin


Synonyms for originate

begin a trip at a certain point, as of a plane, train, bus, etc.

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There are a large number of financial institutions that originate less than $50 million of multifamily loans annually.
The nationwide program will originate non-recourse loans with 10- to 20-year terms on the full range of hotel types - including limited service, all-suite, extended stay, full service and resort.
Utilizing the resources of AMAC's advisor, CharterMac (NYSE:CHC), AMAC intends to originate and acquire first mortgage loans, subordinated interests in first mortgage loans and bridge loans, in addition to the traditional mezzanine loans that AMAC originates.
The filing seeks dissolution of the joint venture and the related restrictions on Chase's ability to market and originate Chase-branded student loans.
Switched wholesale services include voice or data calls that are carried on, originate on or terminate on the U.