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make oriental in character

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The poem shows that a white American could Orientalize another white American by tagging the latter's views or character as barbaric, exotic, or strange in a stereotypically eastern and anachronistic sense (one might think perhaps about how some cultural critics believed the Christian Right 'blackened' Bill Clinton, thereby harming Clinton while also exacerbating the problem of racial prejudice even though the target of their smear campaign was white rather than black.
Seelig proposes that Kolmar essentially orientalizes herself in her writing to create a Jewish space for herself in Berlin.
In his narrative, he orientalizes certain characters in order to construct Jim as someone who is incapable of homosexuality, and he provides Jewel who disavows Jim's possibility for homosexuality.
The remix orientalizes an early-1980s folk hit with an onslaught of derbekkeh drums and swirling ethnic background vocals, and it layers on lyrics with nostalgic longings:
Gaskell's explicit references to Rasselas orientalizes, therefore, the shape of Cranford, "othering" those men who reconstitute the town's economy and culture.