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make oriental in character

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For the Play of the Sacrament in particular, understanding the meaning of the invocation of Mohammed by Jews not as an accident of a general tendency to Orientalize Jews but as a strategic, even premeditated erasure opens up new lines of inquiry.
To live "as they live, conforming with their general habits" meant to orientalize and veil his English sister.
On the one hand, the tale orientalizes Tartary, romantically putting it on a par with other lands identifiable with the "Wonders of the East", "Arabe" and "Inde" (V: 110), but, on the other hand, it offers an understanding of the marvelous and of wonder that is close to the modern one.
Thus, they likely function here as props used to set the stage for this "harem" masquerade in which the Nizam Orientalizes himself.
37) In his playful botanical description of Draupadi as `Polyandrian Monogynian', Jones orientalizes the Swedish botanist Linnaeus as a `learned northern Brahmen' (l.