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a specialist in oriental subjects

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Only a firm Russian position within the framework of the Syrian conflict will allow to resolve the situation in the interests of the Syrian people, "the orientalist summed up.
By offering a glimpse into the harem, or women's chambers, in combination with the open door and the absence of actual women, the first photograph invites all possible erotic imaginings concerning this all-female world, which has been a quintessential setting for Orientalist paintings, literature, and fantasy.
Any Western criticism is attacked and depicted as part of an orientalist agenda (though Tehran is allowed to criticize the West and interfere in its politics).
Dinet, who worked in the southern town of Bou Saada, offers an example of an artist occupying the opposite end of the spectrum, producing paintings in which the orientalist stereotypes of the pre-modern period reached a crescendo.
The auction will offer works such as Holy Qur'an and manuscripts, Orientalist paintings and sculpture, enamels, a large selection of arms and armour, glass, fine furniture and Indian period jewellery, according to a press statement.
Orientalist fantasies of the lascivious Arab woman persist in the Western imaginary, and the imprint of Edward Said's influential discourse, Orientalism (1978), positioning a superior West over the East, is still in evidence.
The great Iranian thinker Ali Shariati always said the Muslims needed to rephrase themselves by freeing themselves from the shackles of Orientalist historiography, using amnesia as an analogy.
Being entangled with their Orientalist fictions, being orientalized by them, constitutes for these poets a pointed recognition of what Warren summarizes as "internal threats and limits within Western ideologies" (13).
Balancing a mirage of seduction with the masked reality of a colonial republic, the exhibition examines, from Moorish Spain to the Morocco of the Sharifians, the iconographic strategies of a studio painter who produced a major body of Orientalist work hitherto almost forgotten.
A collection of orientalists and intellectuals in the institute are reading the outcome of human thought, to identify its contents and search for a mechanism for communication in the framework of the general attitude prevailing among thinkers and scientists Orientalist studies institutes around the globe.
Part I is a detailed historiographical study of scholarly engagement with Islam as it developed in the West and grew into the subject area of oriental studies in European universities, exploring how such orientalist scholarship was then critiqued and continues to be critiqued by a wider spectrum of people.
To provide a concrete example of what such a mode of comparison would look like, in what follows I wish to discuss my recent work on Orientalist photography.
Inspired by the work of the famous 19th century Orientalists David Roberts and Frederick Lewis, as well as the Moorish architecture of his Andalucian hometown of Malaga, Jose Gonzalez Bueno is currently among Europe's leading contemporary Orientalist painters.
Speaking on the occasion, Hungarian ambassador Istvan said the great orientalist and educationist Dr Gottlieb Wilhelm Leitner of Hungarian origin played a pivotal role in the development of education and institutions of higher education in Punjab.
The work in the gallery's ground floor space explores what happens when Orientalist fantasy and contemporary reality collide.