oriental spruce

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evergreen tree of the Caucasus and Asia Minor used as an ornamental having pendulous branchlets

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In this proceeding, the visual landscape character of Oriental Spruce mountain forests was tried to be determined in selected areas of the north-eastern Black Sea Region of Turkey.
The visual quality (VQ) preferences in Oriental Spruce forests were rated using a participatory approach (Daniel, Boster 1976; Brown, Daniel 1990; Clay, Smidt 2004; Kalin 2004; Ode et al.
In this respect, this research is important in terms of the balance between conservation and use to increase the value of oriental spruce forest landscapes.
The results of the study presented in this proceeding show the importance of the visual indicators associated with naturalness and unity in the formation of preference in oriental spruce landscapes.
And in 1941, two live Oriental spruce were planted on the White House south lawn where the ceremony was held through the war years.