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commonly cultivated Asiatic perennial poppy having stiff heavily haired leaves and bright scarlet or pink to orange flowers

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The Oriental poppy (Papaver orientale) is the giant of the bunch, with flowers reaching 6 inches in diameter.
Don't cover Oriental poppy seeds; they need light to germinate.
SOW seeds of herbaceous perennials such as Iceland poppy, geums oriental poppy, delphiniums and hollyhocks.
PERENNIALS such as anchusa, phlox, verbascum, Oriental poppy and acanthus have fleshy roots that can be used to make cuttings that will produce new plants with roots and shoots by next spring.
Left, an oriental poppy and a foxglove - digitalis purpurea - which can be grown from seeds you have collected.
The Oriental poppy is the largest to grow if your garden has moist, relatively fertile soil in full sun, although the flowering period is brief and the leaves will die back to leave ugly gaps in the border.
The true oriental poppy - papaver orientale - comes from the Middle East where it grows in poor soils on exposed, gravelly hillsides, its bright orange form waving vivid bowls among they hairy piles of silvery grey leaves.
At this time of year, for instance, you would want to plant summer and fall bloomers such as sunflowers, marigolds, zinnias, annual vinca, nicotiana, petunia, Oriental poppy and celosia.
coronaria), bleeding heart, candytuft, columbines, Oriental poppy, basket-of-gold, coral bells, sweet William, lupines, English primrose, and miniature roses.
For a more permanent blaze of colour, the perennial Oriental Poppy, is a great choice.
Chiffon that has double, clear pink flowers on stiff stems up to 3ft tall and throw in a few seeds of the Oriental poppy Patty's Plum that has large, ruffled silky flowers on stems up to 2ft6in tall.
THE scarlet oriental poppy with a splash of black at its throat remains among the loveliest of herbaceous border perennials while many of the annuals, like the red Flanders Poppy and orange Californian Gold Poppy (Eschscholzia californica) are even more brilliant, self-seeding in the most unfertile, but always well drained, corner.
The oriental poppy Curlilocks is a dwarf hybrid which usually reaches two feet across at the most, and the same again in height.
In raised beds made from sandy topsoil and Kellogg's Gromulch, we planted seed packets of love-in-a-mist (Nigella damascena), oriental poppy (Papaver orientale), Shirley poppy (Papaver rhoeas), purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea), paludosum daisy (Chrysanthemum paludosum), baby blue eyes (Nemophila insignis), ``Sparkler radish,'' ``Early Wonder'' beet and ``Danvers Half Long'' carrot.