oriental bittersweet

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ornamental Asiatic vine with showy orange-yellow fruit with a scarlet aril

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People brought Oriental bittersweet to the United States in the 1860s because gardeners loved its fall display of yellow leaves and orange berries.
Two of the most pernicious alien species in the region are oriental bittersweet and tree" of heaven.
The startling invasions of kudzu vine, mile-a-minute, and oriental bittersweet are difficult to control," says James Akerson, "but with a will and persistence, they are controllable.
Japanese knotweed is listed as one of the 100 most invasive plant species by the World Conservation Union, and Oriental bittersweet has been infiltrating the North American landscape since 1879.
and the Sheriff's Community Service Department will be doing battle against Japanese knotweed and oriental bittersweet that are attacking native American plant growth along our Third Middle River.
Those include goutweed, tree of heaven, oriental bittersweet, black swallowwort and kudzu.
I think the Oriental bittersweet is going to eat every single tree in Massachusetts," he said, perhaps exaggerating.
Birder Tom Pirro of Westminster discovered the solitaire two days before Christmas in and around oriental bittersweet growing near a stand of apple trees in Gardner.
The aim is to kill off invasive exotic plants before they gain a foothold and join the ranks of phragmites, multiflora rose, Japanese barberry, Japanese knotweed, oriental bittersweet and other non-native plants that are rampant across the state.
The goal is to literally nip them in the bud before they become as entrenched as oriental bittersweet, purple loosestrife, and Japanese knotweed," she said.
We've done a lot of clearing of invasive plants, such as Asian honeysuckle and oriental bittersweet, which had really blocked the views of the pond," said Annie A.
Before 1980, oriental bittersweet was found in only six communities in Worcester County.
Oriental bittersweet and multiflora rose might dress up a holiday decoration, but both are on the state's invasive plant species list and the state Division of Fisheries & Wildlife is strongly recommending avoiding their use in decorating homes and businesses.
There are no fines and no penalties, and, by way of an example, wreaths made of Oriental bittersweet, one of the most prevalent and damaging of the invasives, were being sold in the Concord area last fall for $60," said Mr.
Alden stands in a tangle of invasive Oriental bittersweet in Grafton.