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Synonyms for orgiastic

Synonyms for orgiastic

used of frenzied sexual activity

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used of riotously drunken merrymaking

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However, by taking that which is pleasure-giving and therefore much desired by the individual as "nevertheless part not of the ego but of an object," Freud though recognizing the orgiastic potency of the id, perceives it as barbarous and must be contained or civilized (Civilization 12-13).
The devilish supporting character in Nikolaus Lenau's narrative poem, Faust, takes centre stage, fiddling a wedding party into an orgiastic dance while the subject of his pact runs about the forest seducing a girl from the village inn.
British racing has already spent a vast sum of money on concocting a suitably orgiastic end to the turf season, and given the current savage belt-tightening it would be virtually criminal to pour more cash away on a curtain-raiser.
The painting is the orgiastic expression of that shared passion.
In the Belgian auteur and visual artist Jan Fabre's orgiastic new creation (co-authored with Jeroen Olyslaegers) Prometheus--Landscape II, the unapologetically chunky Lawrence Goldhuber can be spotted shackled to a huge rock, writhing, completely nude.
These cults were secret and took place at night; they were in honour of some, but not all, the gods of the pre-Christian world and could be orgiastic in nature.
A mix of stop-motion and line animation brings us the kissing and sex play of various zany objects and queer characters: orgiastic hot dogs, dyke-dramatic numerals, Petra von Kantian lesbian dolls, porn-minded unicorns and the leather daddies that love them and more.
Sure, it might not sound as romantic as Valentine's Day or as orgiastic as Mardi Gras, but LGTB people in Kansas can make a difference this month and come out and be counted in this year's census.
Given the work's relationship with the drawings on the other side of the wall, highlighted by the presence of shadowy picture frames, it's hard not to read these convulsing, orgiastic figures as those Justices cavorting in the privacy of their chambers.
It is forgotten that the founders of Western secular humanism took from the ancient world its loveliest aspects, forgetting or ignoring the ugliness and brutality of that ancient world, its orgiastic elements, its lust for power, and its crude religions.
Though we don't glimpse this bad girl (nude, of course) until the film's bloody, orgiastic climax, her presence drives most of Rome violently cuckoo.
Finally, the almost orgiastic piece de resistance: the virtual gang bang conducted by Craig's former friends and fellow family values conservatives after the senator's "wide stance" was publicized.
Roger Fornoff shows industry rather than inspiration in the main chapters on Philipp Otto Runge's reestablishment of paradise, Karl Friedrich Schinkel's concept of the Prussian Cathedral of Liberty, Richard Wagner's renewal of Greek tragedy, Wassily Kandinsky's concept of stage composition, Bruno Taut's and Walter Gropius's utopian visions of a cathedral of the future, counterparts in commissions by Hitler and Stalin, and Hermann Nitsch's project of an orgiastic mystery theatre.
Aristotle calls the flute orgiastic because it contributes to religious insanity but often refers to drums in bacchic, corybantic or similar ecstatic worship.
Reisman describes it thus: "An early adherent and advocate of masturbation, Kinsey suffered an untimely death due, at least in part, to 'orachitis,' a lethal infection in his testicles that followed years of sadistic, orgiastic 'self-abuse.