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Synonyms for orgiastic

Synonyms for orgiastic

used of frenzied sexual activity

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used of riotously drunken merrymaking

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firstly, as self-destruction of the individual in aspiration to merge with the masses which is "background" for a social mimicry; in other words, as destruction of own separate life dissolving in orgiastic "dancing" and,
For Patocka, Christianity improves the Platonic incorporation by means of a reversal, whereby "the orgiastic is not eliminated but disciplined, enslaved" (qtd.
Finally, part 4, "Group Interactions and Rivalries," returns to the more literary sources of part 1, especially in chapter 8, which compares accounts of orgiastic or otherwise transgressive banquet scenes tied to minority associations.
The devilish supporting character in Nikolaus Lenau's narrative poem, Faust, takes centre stage, fiddling a wedding party into an orgiastic dance while the subject of his pact runs about the forest seducing a girl from the village inn.
British racing has already spent a vast sum of money on concocting a suitably orgiastic end to the turf season, and given the current savage belt-tightening it would be virtually criminal to pour more cash away on a curtain-raiser.
These cults were secret and took place at night; they were in honour of some, but not all, the gods of the pre-Christian world and could be orgiastic in nature.
With the exception of Lafayette, everybody is getting plenty of sex this series and not all of it as a result of Maryann's orgiastic mischief making.
Sure, it might not sound as romantic as Valentine's Day or as orgiastic as Mardi Gras, but LGTB people in Kansas can make a difference this month and come out and be counted in this year's census.
On the one hand, Patocka points out time and again the decadence of modern technological civilization, and he tells a narrative which derives our current historical situation from Platonism and Christianity, which he sees as the two most important efforts to overcome the orgiastic and establish responsibility.
Given the work's relationship with the drawings on the other side of the wall, highlighted by the presence of shadowy picture frames, it's hard not to read these convulsing, orgiastic figures as those Justices cavorting in the privacy of their chambers.
Lithuanians frequently feast their eyes on scantily clad athletic men who pant and sweat and explode in fits of orgiastic glee, hugging, kissing and slapping each other's bottoms whenever they manage to pop a bouncy over-sized orange testicle into a mesh scrotum.
But, being one of a few outstanding examples doesn't mean resting on laurels and engaging in orgiastic rites are serious options; it's a distinction that requires steady awareness, considerable concentration and extraordinary enterprise to maintain.
Though we don't glimpse this bad girl (nude, of course) until the film's bloody, orgiastic climax, her presence drives most of Rome violently cuckoo.
Take the orgiastic fest at the BBC - 40 years of Radios 1, 2, 3 and 4, and 50 years of the Today Programme.
Frank was the most infamous (ex-)Jew of his day, a man who had been caught engaging in orgiastic sexual ritual, turned over to the Christian authorities for prosecution as a heretic (the Church had jurisdiction over all heretics in that day, not just Christian ones), and then, to avoid the gallows, led a mass conversion in which hundreds of his followers publicly renounced Judaism and became Christians.