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Synonyms for organizer

Synonyms for organizer

a person who brings order and organization to an enterprise

someone who enlists workers to join a union

a lightweight consumer electronic device that looks like a hand-held computer but instead performs specific tasks

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The press release further said that town organizers will be responsible for reorganizing the party for the upcoming intra party elections in their respective towns.
Most professional organizers specialize in a variety of skills and services, including home and office organizing, space planning, time management, and budgeting.
Most of the march speakers focused their comments on abortion rights, she says, marginalizing the broader message organizers had fought so hard to bring about.
Once a Web entry has been created and the site is launched, either from Organizer or from the user's browser, the login information is automatically filled in.
The Webforia Organizer itself presents a three-pane interface, Along the left side are a series of icons, denoting the locations where pages can be found--the ClipTray, various libraries, or the Web--as well as for performing a Library search or a Web search.
It's not a question of putting a Band-Aid on the march," says New York City activist Leslie Cagan, a member of the Ad Hoc Committee for an Open Process, a group of about 50 people united by their complaints against march organizers.
One organizer explained that "you have to understand the private and public celebrations are two very different things .
The PC organizer is tailored for the mobile user who c an enter data on a desktop PC and then wirelessly transmit the information to the organizer for information-on-the-go.
The press release further said, town organizers will be responsible for reorganizing the party for the upcoming intra party elections in their respective towns.
We are not going to impact the political process with marches alone,'' said Angela Sanbrano, executive director of the Central American Resource Center and a key organizer of Monday's massive demonstration along L.
As Max Rameau, an organizer with the Miami Workers Center, said, "The Haitian community understands globalization, or at least the end result that it has on Third World countries.
Organizer 97 GS Offers Tight Integration with Notes and Domino
PESHAWAR -- Provincial Deputy Organizer of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Dr Haider Ali said that steps are being taken to ensure that mistakes of the past are not repeated this time during intra-party elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.