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employees who are represented by a labor union

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Organized labor has historically been a partisan issue, and that trend remained true in the Pew study - there's a stark difference in the favorability ratings between Democrats and Republicans.
Buffett also discussed whether organized labor could play a role in helping income inequality.
He boasts of playing favorites with his political allies in organized labor.
In the case of the cement workers, the Cement League--an industry association that represents the subcontractors that work with the union--has asked organized labor to take a 20% wage cut for residential and hotel construction jobs in the city.
A leading scholar on Latin American history and politics, Alexander (Economics and Political Science, Rutgers University) explores the relationships between labor unions within countries, in region-wide organizations, and in the worldwide organized labor movement.
At a time when workers in the private sector are more vulnerable than ever, organized labor represents only 7.
The Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire hopes our elected representatives in Washington, and those gearing up to challenge them, see this legislation for what it is--a last-gasp effort by organized labor to stabilize and reverse its declining ranks.
The inclusion of organized labor raised a lot of eyebrows because usually unions and convention centers are at odds, often at the expense of the customer," Fenton said.
Sharp decreases in union membership over the last 50 years have caused many to dismiss organized labor as irrelevant in today's labor market.
The energy and passion John demonstrated as AFTRA national president on behalf of actors, recording artists, journalists, and broadcasters working in the media and entertainment industries -- combined with his commitment to the principles of organized labor -- will serve him well in his new role,'' Hedgpeth said.
Despite these changes, African American representation in union leadership, discrimination in hiring and promotion, and training for highly skilled jobs remain problem areas for organized labor.
The union members Snodgrass interviewed themselves remembered the Cardenas period as one which significantly strengthened organized labor.
Vondracek said the South Austin Coalition will continue organizing residents around the idea of living wages, taking a specific look at the history of organized labor in black communities-which would be essential for workers in the neighborhood to gain bargaining power in the face of other retailers looking to locate in Austin.
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