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  • verb

Synonyms for organize

Synonyms for organize

to put into a deliberate order

to arrange in an orderly manner

to assemble, prepare, or put into operation, as for war or a similar emergency

to bring into existence formally

Synonyms for organize

plan and direct (a complex undertaking)

bring order and organization to

arrange by systematic planning and united effort

form or join a union

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Community organizations have invented their own rules or structures, but they are usually too dependent on the whims of funders to sustain the resources needed to organize on a large scale for a long period of time.
If a union fails to organize all of the companies in a particular industry, it cannot maximize its power.
Each morning, he checks his voice-mail before leaving his house and then mentally organizes his day during a 45-minute drive to the office.
The CTW unions are under enormous pressure to make good on our platform to organize at an unprecedented pace and focus a great deal of that organizing on minorities and women who make up the vast segments of the service sector economy," Hobbs said.
ORGANIZE BY ZONE: Put everything back in designated zones, keeping gardening items in one area, sports equipment in another, tools in their own space, and so on.
We should have laws that are strong enough, that have the teeth, to order this company" to respect the right to organize.
Help front-line supervisors organize and communicate the information we need to make decisions.
This may seem like a tiny bureaucratic difference in structure, but it makes all the difference in whether these workers are able to collectively organize under the law.
This conference helped us organize at our campus and in the local community.
Stephen Norwood's excellent study both tells the story of the rise and fall of the Telephone Operators' Department (a unit of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) and analyzes the factors which allowed telephone operators, especially in New England, not only to organize a successful union, but to maintain the autonomy of that union from male domination.
In Cleveland, Ohio, a UFCW local seeking to organize non-union grocery stores, molded a campaign around a sure winner in that region--football.
Organize and Better Manage Your Home, Family and Schedule this New Year with the Newly-Enhanced Home Concierge Lifestyle Management Software for Busy Homeowners
Morial also enlisted ACT to organize more than 100 neighborhood watch groups.
We include the scanner and software you need to organize books, comics, groceries, wine, DVDs, CDs, games, and other home assets.
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