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of or relating to or belonging to an organism (considered as a whole)


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In cognitive terms, a mediating organization of the Prodigal's awareness, sensation, perception, and chunked experience of an organismic nature gathered a cognitive-emotional momentum, prompting a metacognitive shift.
Thus, although in the current study the organismic constraints could reveal some differences (e.
It reads in a recent work of political theory, Pheng Cheah's Spectral Nationality, the performance dan error of subreption in Cheah's use of the metaphor of the gift to hail and conceptualize "the organismic metaphor" as "Kant's greatest bequest to moral and political thought" (78).
A stimulus-organism-response (S-O-R) model, often used to frame other servicescape research, is adapted as the basis of the theory that the online casino environment will influence the organismic effects of cognitive and affective states, which in turn influence gamblers' approach or avoidance behavioral intentions.
This study is exceptionally exciting for us because it shows the power of this approach," Associate Professor of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Pardis Sabeti, one of two senior co-authors of the paper, said.
Nine of the 10 top-ranked skills deal with ecological or organismic biology.
Table 1 Factors Influencing the Stress Response Stressor type Processive (neurogenic or psychogenic) Systemic (immune insults) Stressor characteristics Controllability Predictability Ambiguity/uncertainty Chronicity Intermittence Organismic variables Genetics Age Sex Experiential variables Previous stressor experiences (sensitization) Early life events (maternal factors, trauma) Resource characteristics Personal characteristics Coping skills Self-esteem Self-efficacy Personality (hardiness, optimism, neuroticism) And others Social characteristics Social support (perceptions) Attachment (bonding) SOURCE: Adapted from Anisman and Matheson 2005.
Grouping models as a "system of the dimensions of the organism," he describes diverse influences including Eastern practices, Spinoza's systemics, Reich's organismic approach, and Fenichel's psychosomatics.
1) Laboratorio de Estudos Evolutivos Humanos, Instituto de Biociencia, Universidade de Sao Paul and Instituto de Eletrotecnica e Energia, Universidade de Sao Paulo; (2) Departamento de Zoologia, Universidade de Sao Paulo and Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University
SDT, as developed by Deci and Ryan (1985), is an organismic theory of motivation in that it views people as organisms that are actively looking for ways to satisfy needs.
Dobzhansky first published the title statement, in a slight variation, in a 1964 article in American Zoologist, "Biology, Molecular and Organismic," to assert the importance of organismic biology in response to the challenge of the rising field of molecular biology.
Plant biology: regulatory roles in molecular, cellular, organismic, and ecosystem processes.
Concurrently with Maslow, Rogers' Person Centered psychotherapy (1951) incorporated this motivational theory in the organismic valuing process which is an inherent drive to choose what is good and benefits the self and reject what is bad and diminishes the self.
The curators of TI, KYO, TNS and HUH are acknowledged for their kind permission to examine specimens during this study, and the Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University, is acknowledged for offering S.
Under this organismic constitution, democracy and monarchy are checked and balanced by each other, and the democratic struggle for public liberties is adroitly replaced by government enforcement of private rights that are negative or positive concessions from the self-contracting state.
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