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a group of people who work together

an ordered manner

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I suspect, also, that some of the cases of compensation which have been advanced, and likewise some other facts, may be merged under a more general principle, namely, that natural selection is continually trying to economise in every part of the organisation.
A sound corporate reputation allows an organisation to achieve its business objectives better.
Others define corporate reputation as the collective opinion of stakeholders toward an organisation based on its past record.
Branding is a process for distinguishing one product from another (brand positioning) and the features that enable stakeholders to choose one product over another (brand personality), At a corporate level, features that enable a customer (or employee or investor) to choose one organisation over another include a wide range of factors, from product value and quality to financial security, customer care and an organisation's ethics record.
Outsourcing companies claim that by outsourcing, an organisation can reduce costs and enhance flexibility with maintained or improved quality of service.
In order to truly evaluate the degree of success or failure of outsourcing one must implement a process for monitoring and measuring the quality and costs of the work the outsourcing supplier is performing for the organisation.
This entails looking at what they measure, how they measure and how successful various methods have been in helping the organisation to achieve its IT goals.
The personality of international organisations in English law; A.
International organisations and immunity from jurisdiction: to restrict or to bypass?
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