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Linington, Williams, and MacMillan present 130 practice problems in organic structure determination by NMR.
1--Since 8/52 percent of surveyed people have evaluated the score of organizational structure high and very high and this means that the studied organizations had been mechanical and since in the mechanic structure the corruption is greater than the organic structure so the following suggestions are presented to change the organizational structure to organic structure and therefore reduce the amount of corruption :
As shown in Table 1, the most important cause or condition for the phenomenon in study is the organic structure of the organization, and the second is the lack of investment in higher risk strategies to increase the degree of innovativeness.
An international landmark of titanium, glass and limestone, Gehry's spectacularly organic structure was dubbed "the most important building of our time" by Philip Johnson, the undisputed dean of American architects.
Therefore, another factor that affects FS retention may be the compomer organic structure of DS.
When we examine the construction free from the wall, we come across the formation of the organic structure of a skeleton.
Numerous studies have argued that an organic structure positively impacts the relationship between an entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance (Covin and Slevin, 1988; Lumpkin and Dess, 1996).
But the creature that has now emerged from this cocoon at One Gansevoort Street looks nothing like what was promised by the mod, organic structure that had once embraced it.
Its organic structure includes a headquarters and headquarters company, a signal company, and a brigade support battalion with a support maintenance company and a distribution company.
The main idea guiding his discussion is this: in its negation of the functional in favor of the formal, modernism has rendered a great disservice both to the idea/ideal of the city as a social space and to the notion of architecture as synecdoche of an organic structure.
I brushed it aside, saying it had nothing to do with the organic structure of the carbohydrates we were studying.
The studios have made clear that they do not want this market to become organized, preferring instead to maintain its organic structure so that they themselves can control buyers' schedules.
Carlos Barba, partner and director of Enlace Consultores, pointed out that organizational charts have changed from vertical pyramid structures to a more organic structure.
The intricate composition of biological tubules is simplified in order to create a less complex organic structure.
Within its organic structure, the recurring brass and timp climaxes thunder with such remorseless fury that the music begins to feel incoherent, and intervening episodes are either restless, desolate or threatening, providing no respite from the anger.