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3~, HCN, formaldehyde and a variety of small organic compounds.
Bowing to protests by the industry, AQMD staff amended the rule to allow manufacturers to produce some products laden with volatile organic compounds as long their total product line on average meets new required levels.
Westates designs and supplies pre-engineered and custom designed activated carbon adsorption systems, used for removal of volatile organic compounds and toxics from liquid, air and gas streams and for odor and vapor control.
Determining the Presence of Organic Compounds in Foundry Waste Leachates
The passage of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990 prompted an increased urgency to find new ways of treating airstreams containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as toluene and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK).
A two-stroke lawn mower emits as much smog-forming volatile organic compound pollution as 72 new cars driving at 30 mph.
Utilizing proprietary agricultural technologies, Bodisen sells over 60 packaged products, broken down into four product categories: Organic Compound Fertilizer; Organic Liquid Fertilizer; Pesticides & Insecticides, and agricultural raw materials.
AreaRAE is an active, 5-sensor, wireless monitoring system the utilizes RAE Systems' patented photoionization detectors to monitor for toxic levels of volatile organic compound (VOCs), fast responding Cesium Iodide detectors for gamma radiation, as well as lower explosive limit sensors, toxic industrial chemical sensors and breathable oxygen level sensors.
Toluene, a volatile organic compound often used as an indicator of human-made pollution, also emanates from plants, a new study finds.
Utilizing proprietary technologies, Bodisen sells over 60 packaged products in 3 product categories: Organic Compound Fertilizer; Organic Liquid Fertilizer; and Pesticides & Insecticides.
Strict environmental regulations are also driving the market by enhancing demand for low or zero-volatile organic compound (VOC) coatings such as water-based, high solid, powder, and radiation-cure coatings as against conventional solvent-based coatings.
The project will study the role of ozone and volatile organic compounds in affecting environment and health hazards.
The 1995 first edition was conceived as a companion to the sixth edition of the Dictionary of Organic Compounds, but was also available separately.
When two Viking landers visited Mars in 1976 and scooped up soil samples, scientists were surprised that the craft failed to unearth evidence of organic compounds.
Insoluble organic compounds in the soil are a "player in that whole picture that no one had recognized before.