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a sheer stiff muslin


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The famous "regard rouge" that Dinah and Lousteau exchange on the quai at Cosne had already led Lousteau to reflect on the qualities of organdie ("la seule etoffe dont le chiffonnage ne peut pas s'effacer" [725]), to anticipate that Dinah will "faire des facons a cause de sa robe," and to wonder whether she had chosen it in the first place to create "une barriere infranchissable" (726).
Thus, aberrant accumulation of alpha- and beta-synuclein in degradative organdies are novel features of neurons that lack PS1, and similar events may promote the formation of clumps of alpha-synuclein found in several neurodegenerative diseases.
The proteasome is an organdie similar to the lysosome, which is also involved in enzymatic degradation of cellular substances.
Round her neck she wore a frill of white organdie roses, which made her head look as though it were on a tray.
99, contains a pair of elastic net fairy wings, 64 stickers, four tubes of glitter glue, four organdie ribbons, two daisy flowers and a silver magic wand.
But for a truly magical effect Earth Tones, mail order, sells a glowing organdie curtain panel encrusted with fairy lights, for pounds 155.
Or bring the outdoors inside by dressing a window with its rose organdie curtain panel, pounds 49.
We wore the same velvetcollared coats, we had Sunday best clothes, which few children possess today and we went to parties in fullskirted organdie dresses like Margaret's - which our grandmothers ran up for us on the Singer sewing machines.
47 Chiffon and organdie can be stiffened slightly in gum water.
However, with Epson's digital textile printers the designs looked vibrant and three-dimensional on fabrics such as velvet and organdie," said Takaya, an executive designer at KANSAI YAMAMOTO Inc.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Smash up 9 Arrow 10 Ranch 11 Needles 12 Eel 13 Jettison 16 Pamphlet 17 Goo 19 Orlando 21 Miner 22 Class 23 Sunrise DOWN: 1 Usurper 2 Magnolia 3 Shah 4 Facelift 5 Oral 6 Swish 8 Punctilious 13 Japanese 14 Organdie 15 Courier 18 Coach 20 Loaf 21 Minx 8DA QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Nature trail 8 Bad 9 Rum 11 Evasive 12 Cairo 13 Gym 14 Ski 15 Bone dry 17 Now 19 Abet 21 Army 23 Dime 25 Pane 27 Gas 29 Verruca 31 Eat 34 Bra 36 Alert 37 Trivial 38 Tea 39 Age 40 Cream cheese DOWN: 1 Navy 2 Adam 3 Uniform 4 Eleven 5 Recur 6 Iris 7 Lurk 8 Begin 10 Moist 16 Yam 18 Wan 20 Beg 22 Rev 24 Incline 25 Pleat 26 Critic 28 Stale 30 Extra 32 Alec 33 Tear 34 Bias 35 Rage
Mosaic table and two chairs, PS99, bench PS99, organdie bunting, PS15, lanterns from PS7, cushions from PS8, all Cargo
The Church of polished cotton, plush wool, organdie, batiste, rayon, linen, crepe.
Knowing that there was several yards extra of crinoline and organdie following you around meant that you had to be mentally on the ball continuously calculating door widths.