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This place he presumed would be somewhere about the Straits of Annian, at which point he supposed the Oregon disembogued itself.
This time he gained southern Oregon before he was caught and returned.
Another time the brown wanderer succeeded in traversing half the length of California, all of Oregon, and most of Washington, before he was picked up and returned "Collect.
Big John promptly sank out of sight in a sailors' boarding-house, and, within the week, joined the Sailors' Union and shipped on a steam schooner to load redwood ties at Bandon, Oregon.
They were together to California and Oregon with General Fremont.
Coals again to Oregon, seven thousand miles, and nigh as many more with general cargo for Japan and China.
It was in his library, his bathroom, his private car, his camp in the Oregon wilder- ness.
Twenty-eight hundred of them had been annihilated in a tremendous series of dynamite explosions in Oregon, and in a similar manner, a number of train loads, at different times and places, had been destroyed.
Oregon Scientific, one of the leading designers and worldwide marketers of personal electronics, announced today its SmartGlobe(TM) has been named the "Educational Toy of the Year".
For the third straight year, Oregon Scientific has received recognition for its innovative consumer electronic products.