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a stratum of ore

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The flat-lying ore bed is about 5-6 m thick with an overburden of similar thickness.
Hydrothermal underwater springs deposited the mercury in littoral swamps forming the synsedimentary ore beds and lenses in the black Skonca shales and tuffs of the Ladinian age (Mlakar, 1974; Placer, 1976).
The mineralisation tends to be confined to two ore beds, each varying from 5 m to 15 m in thickness and separated by a 25 m deep layer of siliceous dolomite.
The sulfide ore beds north of the fault will be present at depth south of the fault and should contain the same type of ore bodies that occur on the north side of the fault.
Ore beds are covered by weak dolomites of the middle Triassic age, further by plastic, argillaceous and carbonate sediments of the Keuper and finally by 50-60 m thick Quaternary sands (Cabala and Konstantynowicz, 1999).