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Synonyms for ordnance

Synonyms for ordnance

military supplies

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The problem of unexploded ordnance in Azerbaijan can be divided into the areas that are still under the occupation of Armenian forces and other areas of the country.
Within this cooperation, transfer of technology as well as technical support including technical training of the personnel for Pakistan Ordnance Factories is expected.
The ordnance was found around 300 metres from the Black Rock picnic site along the Severn Estuary in Monmouthshire.
The QASO then discussed the discrepancy with the ordnance maintenance team's QASO, seeking potential causes.
No immediate environmental damage was seen during either the search or recovery of the ordnance and GBRMPA officers will continue to monitor the area.
Director of Unexploded Ordnance Section at UNAMID, Mohammed Awad uncovered that 99% of victims of Darfur conflicts was caused by the unexploded ordnance, affirming that a year-long plan was set up for removing unexploded ordnances from some war-affected areas in the region.
Ordnance alleges in its suit, and Ruger agrees, that Ruger did not subject them to testing involving X-ray and magnaflux particles that the Nevada company says was part of the specifications.
Ordnance material stays on the books until it is expended during combat or training, sold to a foreign country, or reaches the end of its service life and is sent to disposal.
This year, Ordnance Row has to do more than make amends for defeat in the Spring Trophy - the Richard Hannon-trained gelding must bounce back from poor runs either side of his winter break.
WORCESTER - Rather than detonate old artillery found by construction workers Friday on a Tobias Boland Way construction site, state explosives experts hauled the ordnance away early yesterday morning.
Independent printer ZipPrint has won a licence from national mapping agency Ordnance Survey to print large scale site plans for local authority planning applications.
Al Thompson, director, Supply, Ordnance and Logistics Operations Division, OPNAV N41; and retired Navy Adm.
MATT HENRY went to Chester for just one ride and ended up the man to follow with a spectacular double in the top two races on Ordnance Row and New Guinea.
At the Ft Sill Ordnance Training Detachment, we've developed a few publications that can help Firefinder crews everywhere keep their radar systems spotting enemy fire: