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Synonyms for ordnance

Synonyms for ordnance

military supplies

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Since this was identified as a World War II munition, the German Explosive Ordinance Disposal, or EOD, has jurisdiction," said Kellar, a reference to the explosive ordnance team.
The ordnance is believed to have been dropped in an airstrike on the house during the war.
6 million per year, Openreach will access a range of Ordnance Survey's premium datasets including OS MasterMap Topography Layer, OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network Layer, OS VectorMap Local and 1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster.
The QASO then discussed the discrepancy with the ordnance maintenance team's QASO, seeking potential causes.
Over time, the growing importance and complexity of the operations resulted in the establishment of counter--IED task forces--one each in Iraq and Afghanistan--led by explosive ordnance disposal officers.
Director of Unexploded Ordnance Section at UNAMID, Mohammed Awad uncovered that 99% of victims of Darfur conflicts was caused by the unexploded ordnance, affirming that a year-long plan was set up for removing unexploded ordnances from some war-affected areas in the region.
Hundreds of unexploded ordnance have been left in areas of conflict in Central Mindanao during the conduct of the more than two decades conflict between the government and the MILF.
This means RuBee can safely provide real-time audits, accountability, pedigree, diagnostics and security to a wide variety of explosive devices, ordnance and munitions, stored in the many thousands of sensitive item stores and facilities around the world.
Ordnance Survey manages the definitive mapping database of the entire natural and built landscape of Great Britain at survey level accuracy.
Ordnance, it admits there were problems and even agreed to pay the cost of the problem, though both sides disagree on the amount involved.
According to ordnance logistics management specialists at NOLSC Ammunition (AMMO), five years is attainable if the battery is properly maintained through careful handling, regular testing, and inspections.
TWELVE months ago, Ordnance Row made amends for a three-quarter-length defeat in Haydock's Spring Trophy by landing the Royal Windsor Stakes two days later, a race he had also won the year before.
But things are about to change for the geographically-challenged Black Country with the launch of The Ordnance Survey Landranger 139 edition map, entitled Birmingham and the Black Country, which comes as a result of a long-standing campaign for recognition, headed by Black Country Chamber of Commerce President Peter Mathews.