ordinary shares

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As of September 5, 2006 there were 23,726,401 Ordinary Shares outstanding and after the reverse share split there will be approximately 7,908,800 Ordinary Shares outstanding.
Comstar UTS acquired a further 972,050 MGTS ordinary shares (representing 1.
10 September 2014 *1 ADS is the equivalent of 4 Ordinary Shares.
The Ordinary Shares and Preferred Shares will be de-listed from Euronext Amsterdam on 11 July 2006 and therefore 10 July 2006 will be the last day that the Ordinary Shares and Preferred Shares can be traded on Euronext Amsterdam.
follows: Name of Director Number of Ordinary Shares Ho
new SEDOL (BK1PKQ9) but the ticker for the New Ordinary Shares will be
The Bouse Mining Holdings plc Ordinary Shares are valued at 10p (US$0.
recent annual report and accounts the New Ordinary Shares will have a
5356 pence) per ordinary share in respect of the six months ended December 31, 2006.
Secretary 12 May 2014 *1 ADS is the equivalent of 4 Ordinary Shares.
the "forward purchasers") and the forward purchasers borrowed and sold an aggregate of approximately 3,150,000 ordinary shares as their initial hedge of the forward sale agreements.
10 The number of Ordinary Shares allocated comprises those purchased on
In addition, approximately 3,150,000 ordinary shares are being offered in connection with forward sale agreements.
Schemes/Plans: UK Share Save Schemes: 117 Ordinary shares at [pounds
Of the ordinary shares being offered, Aspen is offering approximately $200 million of ordinary shares and Wellington Underwriting plc (the "Selling Shareholder") is offering up to six million ordinary shares, representing 61% of the Selling Shareholder's currently outstanding ordinary shares (excluding exercisable options to purchase 3,781,120 ordinary shares).