ordinary care

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the care that a reasonable man would exercise under the circumstances

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Next, in determining that Ralphs was not entitled to a categorical exemption from the duty of ordinary care, the court examined the foreseeability of harm to the plaintiff and evaluated whether the category of negligent conduct at issue was sufficiently likely to result in the kind of harm experienced.
Thus, the court concluded that because the complaint included claims that the defendants were negligent as to both the medical treatment and the ordinary care provided the decedent, the trial court erred by granting the defendants' motion for partial summary judgment on the grounds that the gravamen of the suit sounded in medical malpractice.
over a 2004 talk by Pope John Paul II in which he said nutrition and hydration, even by artificial means such as feeding tubes, should generally be considered ordinary care and not extraordinary medical treatment.
But culpable negligence is more than a failure to use ordinary care toward others.
After the respirator was discontinued, Quinlan lived 10 more years, during which her case also stimulated disputes about similarities and differences between ordinary care (feeding tubes) and extraordinary care (respirators).
Peter Hay, Birmingham's strategic director for adults and communities, said: "We are commonly paying for DNA testing in ordinary care proceedings to make sure people really are relatives.
Peter Hay, Birmingham City Council's strategic director for adults and communities, said: "We are commonly paying for DNA testing in ordinary care proceedings to make sure people really are relatives.
Most importantly, however, the common law tells us that each of us, when doing an act that creates a risk of harm to another, must do that act with ordinary care and prudence.
1918)), which sums up admirably the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur: "We can imagine no reason why, with ordinary care, human toes could not be left out of chewing tobacco, and if toes are found in chewing tobacco, it seems to us that somebody has been very careless.
In part, it stated the following: "A health insurance carrier, health maintenance organization, or other managed care entity for a healthcare plan has the duty to exercise ordinary care when making healthcare treatment decisions and is liable for damages for harm to an insured or enrollee proximately caused by its failure to exercise such ordinary care.
Ordinary care in the case of a person engaged in business means observance of reasonable commercial standards, prevailing in the area in which the person is located, with respect to the business in which the person is engaged.
District Judge Robert Lasnik told the jury it would have to find BMS failed to use ordinary care in designing and manufacturing the implants as well as issuing warnings.
The sovereign immunity that applies to public schools can be waived, ruled the court, if the school representatives fail to exercise ordinary care in protecting students.
He said: "The standard of care fell below what would be expected of an ordinary, competent doctor at that stage of training, exercising ordinary care.